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Shop 2a, Eltham Village Shopping Centre (near Coles) 906 Main Road
Eltham, VIC, 3095

(03) 9439 1311

Eltham Eyecare

New Patients

We look forward to meeting you soon and providing you with high quality eye care and a range of fashionable frames.

Appointments – What to expect.

Our optometrist will complete the entire eye examination with you rather than handing you over to a receptionist. Reception staff will assist you with frame selection at the end of the consultation to select a frame that best suits your style and functional needs. 

An initial consultation at Eltham Eyecare includes a full comprehensive eye examination and a thorough ocular health check.

This involves:

Vision assessment for distance and near work and discussion of your visual requirements.

Determination of a spectacle prescription.

Binocular vision testing to assess how your eyes work together.

Slit lamp examination of the ocular surface to check for UV damage, cataract and other anterior eye conditions such as dry eye.

Examination of the optic nerve, retina and retinal blood vessels to assess for macular degeneration, glaucoma and other eye diseases. Also to look for ocular signs of general health problems.

And finally a discussion on how best to correct your vision problem (if required)including recommendation of specific spectacles lenses, contact lenses or vision training. Ocular medications may be prescribed for many eye conditions and referral can be made directly to an ophthalmologist (eye surgeon) if required.


Our expertise in children's vision allows us to examine toddlers right through to young adults at a tertiary level. Eye exams ensure that your child has normal vision development and is able to learn to their best ability.

These examinations can vary widely depending on the requirements of the patient. We routinely manage strabismus (turned eye), amblyopia (lazy eye) and paediatric contact lenses . We are also able to manage children and adults with brain injuries or intellectual disabilities.

An initial examination for your child will include a full binocular vision workup and an ocular health check. The child does not need to read letters for us to assess their vision and we make every exam a fun experience for them.

What to bring

  • Medicare card
  • Health fund card (if you have one) so we can process your rebate when purchasing glasses or contact lenses. (if required).
  • Your current glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses.


Our examinations are bulk billed to Medicare.

Contact lens examinations are bulk billed where Medicare criteria are met.

Retinal imaging is $25 and is not covered by Medicare. This is digital photograph of the optic nerve, retina and blood vessels at the beck of your eye. This gives us a very detailed view of this area allowing better early detection of problems and is kept on your file so we can detect subtle changes in the future.


Eltham offers a range of parking. Undercover parking is available in the Eltham Village centre (near Coles) and is accessed from Arthur street. Parking is also available on the roof and in front of Woolworths, also accessed via Arthur street   


Train and Bus

Eltham station provides easy access via Train (Hurstbridge line) or bus. Eltham Eyecare is a couple of minutes walk from the station with pedestrian lights and crossings ensuring easy accessibility.

Located next to Coles



(03) 9439 1311



Shop 2a, Eltham Village Shopping Centre (Near Coles)                                                  906 Main Road, Eltham 3095


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